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We shall show them our signs in the universe and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that this is the truth. Is it not enough that your Lord is the witness of all things? (Qur’an 41:53)

If you want a physical copy of the leaflet (more pages included in the physical copy), let me know and I’ll send it, insha’Allah.

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Mekanika Penciptaan Uang

Mungkin saya terlambat memahaminya, tapi ini sangat menarik

Actors who just do their core thing are not going to uplift the poor

Bill Gates

Ada dua tipe orang (dalam mempelajari kebaikan), yaitu tipe A dan tipe B. Tipe A perlu berada di lingkungan orang-orang baik sehingga dia jadi ikutan baik, sedangkan Tipe B perlu melihat contoh-contoh yang buruk, banget, sehingga kita tidak akan mau menjadi seperti mereka.
Mengutip dari seorang teman

"Pray for tomorrow, but for today
All I want is to be home”

Welcome home :)

Kingdom of Heaven: Negotiation between Salahuddin (Saladin) and Balian of Ibelin

  • [Dulu iseng nonton Kingdom of Heaven, tapi ternyata filmnya sangat berkesan bagi saya. Percakapan ini adalah salah satu dari bagian terakhir bagian tersebut dimana Tentara Salib di Yerusalem, dengan pimpinan Balian of Ibelin, sudah terkepung oleh pasukan Islam Salahudin.]
  • Saladin: Will you yield the city?
  • Balian of Ibelin: Before I lose it, I will burn it to the ground. Your holy places, ours. Every last thing in Jerusalem that drives men mad.
  • Saladin: I wonder if it would not be better if you did. You will destroy it?
  • Balian of Ibelin: Every stone. And every Christian knight you kill will take 10 Saracens with him. You will destroy your army here and never raise another. I swear to God that to take this city will be the end of you.
  • [thinks]
  • Saladin: Your city is full of women and children. If my army will die, so will your city.
  • Balian of Ibelin: You offer terms. I ask none.
  • Saladin: I will give every soul safe conduct to Christian lands. Every soul --the women, the children, the old, and all your knights and soldiers, and your queen. Your king, such as he is, I leave to you, and what God will make of him. No one will be harmed. I swear to God.
  • Balian of Ibelin: The Christians butchered every Muslim within the walls when they took this city.
  • [thinks]
  • Balian of Ibelin: Then under these terms, I surrender Jerusalem.
  • Saladin: As-Salāmu `Alaykum.
  • Balian of Ibelin: And peace be with you.
  • [walks away]
  • Balian of Ibelin: What is Jerusalem worth?
  • Saladin: Nothing.
  • [walks away]
  • Saladin: Everything!
  • [smile to each other]
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"People I’ve loved, I have no regrets.
Some I remember, some I forget.
Some of them living, some of them dead.

And all I want is to be home”

Home - Foo Fighters

Over 16.000.000 data…

…has been defeated. Alhamdulillah

Two (actually, five) of my rock heroes, Steve Vai and Metallica, is coming to the town this year. Steve is just a few weeks away while Metallica is about a month. Can’t wait to meet them all! :D